t’s the brand’s first new drink line in 10 years

For the first time in a decade, Coca-Cola is launching a brand-new line of drinks. AHA sparkling water hits shelves nationwide on March 2, debuting eight flavors — four of which we were able to taste test prior to their official release.

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Coca-Cola sent The Daily Meal apple ginger, peach honey, strawberry cucumber and black cherry coffee seltzers. We were not able to test lime watermelon, citrus green tea, orange grapefruit or blueberry pomegranate.

The general consensus of the ones we tried was that they’re very fragrant. They’re also a lot juicier than other seltzer brands. You can actually taste the essence of each flavor, though some were better than others. Apple ginger was our least favorite.

“I thought it smelled like soap,” one editor said. “I’m also just not a fan of apple-flavored things.”

Another editor compared it to hard cider.

Peach honey was a crowd favorite, and multiple people said it was something they would happily buy and drink.

“I like it more than the peach pear LaCroix, actually, which I buy regularly,” an editor said. “It has a great, strong peach flavor. Refreshing!”

Strawberry cucumber was another standout. It was perfectly sweet like a strawberry, but also incredibly refreshing and light.

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